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Celiac disease

Associazione Italiana Celiachia Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, a protein found in oats, wheat, emmer, Khorasan wheat, barley, rye, spelt and triticale.

It is estimated that, in Italy, one out of every 100-150 people suffers from this intolerance.
So, there may be 400,000 potential celiacs but only around 85,000 have been diagnosed. Each year, 5,000 new diagnoses are made and 2,800 new celiacs are born, with an annual increase of about 10%.

The Festa del Lardo Organising Committee is sensitive to this problem and, starting this year, in cooperation with the non-profit Italian Celiac Association of Piedmont Valle d'Aosta, it will make gluten-free dishes available with advance booking. 

All the dishes on the menu (except for barley soup) will also be prepared without gluten by a chef authorised by the Celiac Association.
It is important that you inform the cashier that you need celiac dishes and you will be issued a special ticket that will be handled separately at the time the dishes are distributed. Gluten-free beer will be available upon request. 

YLENIA 349.4230430 - info@festalardo.it

We thank Dr. Schaer and Nove Alpi for their collaboration

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