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Forte di Bard
Festa del lardo

The only European protected designation of origin lard, which is eaten regularly in the Valle d'Aosta , originated in “Arnad”, a small town in the lower Valle d'Aosta .

It was, until recently, considered useful only for seasoning, but its status has been elevated with the local gastronomy event, the “Lard Festival”, so that it now enjoys a nationwide reputation. lardo di arnad

Nowadays, it has its rightful place on the table as a delicious antipasto .

Arnad lard prepares the gourmet palate only to then appear in a very wide range of typical local dishes marked by excellent flavour. In fact, it is ever present as a seasoning for starters and main courses, and even on desserts.

Historical references from the XVI century testify that it was eaten by people then and was a highly versatile product.

logoThe production process, honed over the years and handed down from generation to generation, helps give the product unique and inimitable characteristics.

One special feature of Arnad lard concerns how the pigs are fed, since this does not involve using integrated fodder, thus giving way to food like chestnuts and vegetables. It is then seasoned, using locally found flavourings such as garlic, salt, rosemary, bay leaves and brine, and kept in a handmade chestnut wood container known as a “doil”.

When it is ready, the lard has a rich blend of extremely pleasant smells and a flavour that reminds you of the herbs used in the brine mixture.


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