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Arnad, a country rich in traditions


Arna, Arnadi, De Arando, Arnaud, Arnaz, Arnad...

The evolution of the town's name over the centuries speaks of a long history that began in Roman times and perhaps even earlier.

In fact, Arnad has always been the gateway to the Valle d'Aosta , being one of the first towns that you come across when you enter the Valley, the place where the plain meets Europe 's highest mountains. Situated at 375 metres above sea level, Arnad is only 40 kilometres from Aosta, 75 from Turin and 145 from Milan .

Getting there is very easy: just take the Turin- Aosta-Courmayeur A5 motorway and exit at the Pont-Saint-Martin toll booth (if you are coming from Piedmont ) or at the Verrès one (if you are coming from Aosta)…After a few kilometres on the SS26, you arrive in Arnad. It is much more than a place that you merely pass through.

It is a small world where you can stop for an hour, a day or a week and enjoy the passing of time, a pleasant welcome and the warmth of an authentically Valle d'Aosta tradition.

There is everything from the famous PDO Arnad Lard to the exclusive Arnad- Montjovet DOC, from one of the most famous practice climbing rock faces in the Alps to walks in the chestnut tree forests or among churches and castles that bear witness to a great past. Nature, sport, history, authentic flavours, relaxation and a family atmosphere: Arnad is all this and more, the gateway to the valle d'Aosta but also a small world waiting to be discovered.

t is located on the banks of the Dora Baltea, stretches over an area of almost 30 square kilometres and has about 1,300 inhabitants between the main town and many small villages. It is a great small place that has its roots in an important tradition and which is opening up to the world, now more than ever, involving the whole community in an innovative excellence project for tourism. This is an undertaking in constant development, aimed at coordinating all the area's tourist activities and services to offer the best at any time of the year. To help you discover, in one town, all the appeal of the Valle d'Aosta

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